7 Secrets to enjoying Being a Mom, without loosing your mind

  • Feel Peaceful in your Home
  • Raise Self -Sufficient Children, That you Actually Like
  • Start to Enjoy Life, all Without Yelling, Bribery or Sweets!
  • Easy to Implement- Start Today!

Hi, I’m Jamie

I have four small kids and know how stressful parenting can be! I am all about making things easier, simpler, enjoyable and fun. I have come to realize that life is too short and you need to start enjoying everyday- If you make it fun…it will get done!

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Why You Need a Routine: Key Benefits for You and Your Kids

SUMMARY: Establishing a routine bolsters predictability and independence, reduces stress, and enhances productivity; without it, expect disorganization and heightened anxiety. Tailoring weekly plans using a personalized routine worksheet enables adaptation to life’s evolving demands, ensuring a structured yet flexible family dynamic. Feeling overwhelmed by the chaos of daily life without a clear structure? Discover why…

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5 Things I want to Help My Audience With When Creating a Family System

I want to help busy moms take control of their homes and their lives. By creating a simple family system that they can actually follow through on and implement consistently. In turn, creating a life they love and a family they enjoy spending time with. If you are tired of returning to a messy home…