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I want to help busy moms take control of their homes and their lives. By creating a simple family system that they can actually follow through on and implement consistently. In turn, creating a life they love and a family they enjoy spending time with.

If you are tired of returning to a messy home and staying up too late to clean it, just for it to get messy again the next day and you once again, stay up too late in order to have a clean home. If you are feeling like you do not have time to spend quality time with your kiddos because there is just “to much to do.” Then you are in the right place. I want to help you get control of your life and feel satisfied before falling asleep and excited to wake up in the morning.

By developing a family system that incorporates collaborative help from all of the members in your family each person will find their personal place and value within the family. By instilling values early on in children and developing healthy cleaning habits at a young age children will see the value of having a tidy home and grow up with many of the life skills they need to be contributing members of society.

If you have struggled to get your children’s help in the past then it is time to “discover this system” this system incorporates fun strategies along with natural consequences that children can understand and appreciate.

If you are ready to get started on the journey to a clear mind, peaceful home and enjoyable time with children- then let’s get started together!

Since I started my family I have been searching for the “perfect planner,” “perfect household management system,” basically a magic pill that would help me crack the code to discovering how my mother seemed to get it all done when I was growing up. Eventually, I got tired of searching and created my own system of what I have discovered works best for our busy family. Our house is still not perfect and there are still some nights that things do not go as planned and I throw in a frozen pizza because it is “better than fast food.”

One thing I have come to realize about myself and my system is that, if the job is not fun-then, I’m probably not going to do it. So I bring in my previous experience as a kindergarten teacher when developing my system in order to keep things very simple while super fun and engaging for kids.

  1. Offer simple guides in order to create your own family system.

I will explain how the family system I created works and runs smoothly. You can enjoy the many years of agony and tears that went into creating this system and modify it for your family’s needs.

2. Offer simple ideas and suggestions that will incorporate the help of others to keep the chaos under control within your household.

Your house did not get dirty by itself, so therefore it will not get clean by itself. If you do not stop the habits that created a cluttered, messy home then you will choose to continue fighting the same daily fight and continue to get the same results.

3. Offer weekly you tube videos about how to incorporate simple ideas and techniques into your routines.

I enjoy learning through examples and consider myself a visual learner. I will post weekly videos of the progress at our own home and the process in which we are implementing the “family system.” Please remember, the videos will not be perfect, l am a busy mom just trying to help other moms create peace in their homes.

4. Encouragement through ideas and workshops to cut the clutter in our homes so we can focus on what really matters.

I will help you every step of the way. I am in the process of creating a “workshop” for the individuals that want ALL the information in one place.

5. Create a community to encourage other parents on their parenting journey.

Everyone needs a little support now and then. We also need someone who will understand when we want to celebrate or problem solve. I plan to create a community of like minded individuals that are able to share openly and freely.

My hope is that by immersing yourself in the family system I have created for my own family and tweaking it to meet your family’s needs you will be able to watch the you tube videos and enjoy the simple weekly ideas and suggestions. Then you will want to be an active part of the community and give back to others by offering your ideas and suggestions to others. I hope you are able to experience the peace in your mind and calm within your household that you have been searching for.

I hope you anticipate and look forward to my weekly blog posts and weekly you tube videos.

If you enjoy the information please subscribe and tell your friends, you could even decide to go on this “journey” together.

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