7 Secrets to Enjoying your motherhood Journey

WITHOUT Yelling, Bribery, or Sweets

You CAN Do This. And I’m Here to Help

Your children don’t want a perfect mom, they want a happy mom.– Unknown

We are not going for perfect, we are working towards progress that leads to happiness

Your life did not become out of control in one day, and it will not get changed in a day. However, we can focus on making progress everyday and becoming just a little better than we were the day before.

Who Am I?

My name is Jamie, I am a former Kindergarten teacher and mom of four small children. When I look back at my journey through motherhood I discovered I was not “enjoying” it as much as I had imagined. I was continually feeling behind or that I was not doing “enough” for my children or my family. After a deep dive into my parenting style I discovered a few things that needed to remain consistent if I was going to be able to enjoy my role as a mom.

How I got here

When my children were very small, I realized I was not fulfilled as a mother and contemplated going back to work full-time. I even entertained thoughts of my children being better off if they were raised by someone else.

I would go to bed exhausted and unfulfilled, wake up un-rested and consistently floating through the motions of being a mom. Yes, I would feed the kids, do the laundry, and clean the house. But, I could never get to the “enjoyment” part of motherhood. I was spending too much time on the dishes and laundry- Just to have to do them all over again the next day.

So I did a deep dive into my parenting and decided to make some monumental changes. I now get compliments when in public about the way my children get along so well and their great behavior. I often get asked for parenting advice on how I manage to do it all and make it look so effortless, all while I am able to truly enjoy my parenting journey and raise children I actually like!

My Best 7 Tips

“Okay, now with that out of the way, I’m super excited to share the top 7 secrets I discovered on
my OWN path to achieving motherhood enjoyment success. Let’s start with #1

Woman Cooking With Her Little Girl Beside Her

Secret #1: Set Clear Expectations

You need to set clear expectations for the people in your family, that includes you also. If you do not have clear expectations then you will be consistently disappointed with the results of someones actions- or lack of them.

If everyone is aware of the expectation, then they understand when they have not met the expectation. An example is: If the desire is for your children to listen the first time you ask them to do something. Then you need to explain and teach them about that expectation.

Think about the people in your family: make a list of appropriate expectations for each of them. If your children are young then you may need to have different expectations for your spouse or support network.

Photo of Planner and Writing Materials

Secret #2: Create a Plan AKA Routine

You would think that I used to refer to the the word routine as a “bad word” around my house. However, then I looked at the difference between when I ran my classroom and could get 20+ five -year-olds to listen and follow directions (the first time they were asked.) The largest difference was that the students knew what to expect and knew what to anticipate happening next. So if your kiddos are always eating breakfast in their pajamas and you find it difficult to get them dressed for the day, try creating a predictable routine That they can understand and follow.

I suggest taking time to create a “routine” for yourself. You already have one- you just don’t realize it and it may not be the routine you really want for yourself or your household.

A Woman Sweeping a Floor

Secret #3: Get on a cleaning schedule

It sounds so simple. However, implementing it can be difficult to stick to. I offer ideas of what works for our family on the website. I find incorporating the kids into the housework is beneficial for everyone. But, I recommend you find a cleaning schedule/ system that works for you and your family. I did not just wake up one day and decide to stick with one system- it was a labor of love and is consistently changing and being updated according to my children’s increasing abilities and our family’s needs/schedule.

I would suggest you make a list of all the items you need to do in a day/ week/ month and then schedule them on the calendar for when your family’s schedule will allow for you to commit to completing them.

If it is on the schedule then you will not feel pressured or behind when you see the mountain of laundry because you know you will complete it on “Mondays” or (whatever day you scheduled it for.)

As I said my cleaning schedule incorporates my children into the cleaning tasks. However, that was not always the case. An example of how our schedule has changed is: when my kids were babies I was in charge of all the laundry and I would complete it two days a week or when we had a full load of laundry. My kids take over their laundry responsibilities at eight years old. So my laundry routine has evolved over time and I now find a load a day works best at our house.

More information about my laundry system and cleaning schedule can be found at: www.enjoyablemom.com

Make a list of all the items you need to do in a day/ week/ month and then schedule them on the calendar.

Assorted Items in Refillable Jar Containers on Wooden Shelves

Secret #4: Get Your Space Organized

When you are able to find items when you need them and everyone in your household knows where to look for the items they need. The house runs so much smoother, and everyone can assist with putting items away. How many times have you misplaced you keys, right as you are supposed to be leaving? Or has a child had difficulty finding a matching pair of shoes and makes you late to leave the house? Those are the stressful moments we are trying to overcome and avoid on our parenting journey.

I suggest choosing one area in your home to install labels. Labels are “magical” and once you place labels on a space and have a designated spot for something- that space become easier for everyone in your home to use and enjoy.

A variety of labels can be found on the www.enjoyablemom.com website for your convenience. Print them, place them, and enjoy the “magic!”

Find one area in your home to install labels. Labels are “magical” and that space become easier for everyone in your home to use and enjoy.

Concentrated woman carrying stack of cardboard boxes for relocation

Secret #5: De-clutter: Have Less Stuff

If you have less items in your home then you have less to manage in your home. If you find it difficult to clean and tidy your home, it is a good indicator that you probably have too much stuff.

If you are constantly having to move something to get to the item you actually want to use, or it is difficult to put items away because your containers and cabinets are too full. Or, if your flat spaces are filled with items that need to be put away, but they have no designated spot. You probably have too much stuff for your space! Getting rid of items can be freeing and often free up more time for other enjoyable activities.

I suggest getting started with de-cluttering by starting with the space that is your biggest pain point. Get three containers, give away, throw away, put away and get started!

If you are looking for inspiration, strategies, or suggestions for de-cluttering you can find them at: www.enjoyablemom.com

Start with the space that is your biggest pain point. Get three containers, give away, throw away, put away and get started!

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Secret #6: Make Health a Priority

If you do not plan your meals you are adding unnecessary stress to your life and therefore it is probably showing up in unexpected ways. Such as interactions with your kiddos, trouble sleeping, eating unhealthy, and potentially at your waistline from the fast food line.

The old saying is: “If you fail to plan then you plan to fail.” The meal planning process does not have to be tricky or elaborate. I suggest you look at your schedule and see what nights you will be home to cook and when you will need a crock pot meal ready for when you arrive home. Then list out meal ideas that you know your family will eat- it does not have to be elaborate- making frozen pizza or spaghetti still feeds the family.

Or one thing I like to do is just write on the calendar for one month what we ate- then I have an “already made” meal plan, if it includes drive through too many times- I can sprinkle in eating at home more often. It does not have to be perfect- It just needs to be a plan.

The next thing is to incorporate movement into your day. Get your body moving and remember to drink water daily.

Look at your schedule for the week, get a plan of what you will make for dinner and when you will schedule movement into your day.

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Secret #7: Plan the Fun

If you do not make time for fun then you are more than likely going to fill your days with things that “need” to get done, rather than things you “want”to do. You will always have more on your list than time in a day. Don’t forget to make time to enjoy the days off from school with your kiddos. Maybe a trip to the museum or a board game played together would be a wonderful way to make some memories.

Make a list of activities you would enjoy doing with your kids. Then sprinkle them into the calendar when your schedule allows.

You Can Do This

I am here every step of the way! If you would like more ideas or inspiration check out some of the wonderful ideas at www.enjoyablemom.com and check out our upcoming products and courses.

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