Hi, I’m Jamie, I help moms find the joy in parenting by getting them out of overwhelm and helping to develop a system that works for their individual family.

I would like to help you with creating a system that involves everyone in your family to help your household run smoothly and everyone contributes to cleaning up and doing tasks around the house so one person is not responsible for everything. This results in children becoming more responsible and independent- all while having fun!

I am really good at making household tasks fun! Taking families where they are currently, most commonly in overwhelm and breaking down priorities into bite-sized tasks and helping to develop a system and routine that the whole family can enjoy and appreciate.

Rachel Says: “Thank you so much for sharing your zones system with me, it is absolutely “magical” and my kids are motivated to complete the tasks without reminders and nagging on my part. This was truly a game-changer in our household.”

With over 10 years of Kindergarten teaching experience and over 20 years in the field of education, I have a way of making learning, collaboration and the most mundane tasks fun and enjoyable for kids!

10 Fun Things About Myself!

  1. I was born in Iowa.
  2. I really dislike cooking and cleaning and being tidy does not come naturally for me.
  3. I love candy and have sweet teeth, not just one sweet tooth!
  4. I am six foot tall.
  5. I have a hard time focusing on more than one task at a time and often get distracted easily.
  6. I love being social and interacting with people, but dislike social media.
  7. I am a procrastinator and am very creative on why I am not able to finish a task.
  8. I am terrified to make videos of myself and my home but try to hide it well.
  9. I have four children at home and one waiting for me in Heaven.
  10. Overall, if it is not fun or enjoyable-I probably am not going to make it a priority and get it done!