Enjoyable Mom

Helping You Create Simple Family Systems

So many Moms are living in overwhelm and are not able to get past the daily dishes and laundry in order to start enjoying their children.  After driving kids around from after school activities and attempting to get homework completed there is barely enough time to cook a meal let alone spend quality time together as a family before rushing off to bed, leaving you feeling stretched too thin and unfulfilled as a parent.

Topics I Discuss

Household Management

Discussing the importance of Zones within your home.

Clear Brain

Discussing the importance of holding a weekly meeting with yourself, using the GTD- David Allen’s Getting Things Done system.


Discussing the need for quality time to reinforce that the whole family is a team and how to live together in harmony and truly enjoy one another. No More Sibling Rivalry!


How to implement a routine and use tools to keep everyone up to date with the ever changing schedule of events.


The importance of Meal planning and preparation in order to save money, eat healthier and enjoy quality time together as a family.


This is a list of my favorite things/items as a busy Mama.

About Me

I’m Jamie Brockmeyer I am a mother of four young children who understands the frustration of feeling overwhelmed and unfulfilled at the end of the day.
I Help Parents Build a family system

I work with the family to empower the children to take on more responsibility and in turn lightening the load of housework and responsibilities for everyone in the household resulting in more quality time together and less stress.